There’s a new GOP horse in DC

The current results from Republican polling show that Texas Senator Ted Cruz has jumped out in front of the Republican pack as the favorite in the next presidential election. I trust this message will get through to the mainstream Republicans who criticized Cruz for his gallant stand against improbable odds in his Senate filibuster to defund Obamacare.

The John McCains, Lindsey Grahams, Mitch McConnells and Rep. Pete Kings of Congress need to stand up and take note of which way the political wind is blowing, or get trampled by a stampede of conservative horses who are finally fed up with “half baked’ measures, and are dedicated to creating real change in the DC political culture.

Too little attention has been paid by these old mainstream GOP elephants to the current loud voices who are advocating for tougher and more aggressive assaults on the country’s suicide course with financial ruin, economic failure and a national security debacle which threatens our very survival and domestic stability.

Democrats who feel overjoyed by the fight going on in the GOP better enjoy their present ride,because furry awaits them at the end of the road, regardless of the “taxpayer stuff” the liberals dole out to their government dependent voters ! Democrats are usually too smug to know when a steam roller is headed their way!

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