U.S. policy in Greater Middle East should be “lesser of evils”

Based upon years of stumbling and failed attempts and disappointments in the tumultuous Greater Middle East political struggles (in Afghanistan,Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, the Hamas controlled areas,etc:) where none of the political actors are putting into place anything remotely close to the American model of democracy,the overarching clarion call for U.S. foreign policy decisions should be twofold . First, we must learn to hope that the government that takes over represents the “lesser of evils”, no matter how inhuman or shocking the outcome.

In Egypt that meant having the Egyptian military overthrow a radical,intolerant and absolutist Muslim Brotherhood regime even though it had been initially democratically elected.The Islamic fundamental Muslim Brotherhood,who had been receiving U.S. government support,and which the Obama administration mistaking continued to support even after the Egyptian people revolted in mass against it and the Egyptian military rose up to take over as the result of this popular uprising. One must ask why did our government continue to back the Muslim Brotherhood dictator Morsi even after the Egyptian people revolted against such an intolerant and non democratically oriented regime. We still have not been able to answer that question to our satisfaction in my opinion.

Second,we must resist any urge or temptation to supply arms to any side in these conflicts In retrospect, the U/S. policy to supply arms to one of the sides is these conflicts has invariably returned to haunt U.S. interests at another time in history. Good examples are Iraq’s war against Iran when the U.S. took sides with Iraq and supplied them the deadliest of weapons to use against Iran.

Again in Afghanistan when the U.S. supplied weapons to the Afghan freedom fighters against the Soviet Union,only to end up having these weapons and those who used them land in the hands of bin Laden,and his al Qaeda terrorists,again to be used against the U.S.

Even now,and during the Benghazi incident in September 2012, the CIA was engaged in a secret operation to transfer American weapons via Turkey to the Syrian rebels,who are now largely dominated by elements of al Qaeda. Witness the recent Qaeda attack in Lebanon against Iran’s diplomatic headquarters for Iran’s sponsorship of Hezbollah who is taking sides and fighting beside Assad’s regime in Syria. In that conflict should the U.S. root for Assad’s secular government who uses chemical weapons on its enemies,even when it means collateral deaths to civilians,or for a radical Islamic government dominated by al Qaeda who has pledged to bring death to America and all Americans? What is the “lesser of evils”?

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