Looking to 2016, GOP needs a broader more balanced appeal to voters

This is in response to Sam Pizzo’s letter titled “GOP needs more of Sandavol,Christie”.

I happen to agree with Sam Pizzo’s conclusion. While a conservative myself, I also am a pragmatist.

The Republicans, in order to win in 2016 are going to have to select a candidate who has a broader appeal, and Chris Christie is my early pick to support in 2016.

Christie has three strong pluses which will give him strength as a candidate. He has strong interpersonal skills which allow him to reach out to both Democrats and Republicans to forge compromises in reaching policy and legislative goals.

Second, Christie is a fiscal warrior which is increasingly important to the People who finally realize that getting our nation’s fiscal house in order is a highly critical matter.

Third, Christie takes no lip from anyone. He is articulate and a battler, which will make him an effective campaigner,and also no pushover in Capitol Hill verbal brawls with strong special interests and activist groups who have a tendency to push our national priorities away from the main path which is more in line with the best interests of the mainstream and middle class.

As a VP candidate I like Ben Carson. Carson should capture the attention of the conservative side of the Party, has a tremendous personal story that should be attractive to African-Americans seeking a better life breaking through racial barriers. Carson was raised and grew up in poverty,in a single mom family in which with persistence and hard work broke through the common racial inhibitors in society,to rise to the Head of Neurosurgeons at John Hopkins University Hospital.

Carson is a very ethical,soft spoken and moral individual. “Trustworthy” is written all over the man, He is well known for his National Prayer Breakfast speech in front of the Obamas,in which he systematically and in soft spoken manner dismantled the president’s leftist agenda before a national audience,while he resisted pre speech demands from the White House for an advance copy of this talk. Dr, Ben Carson while a humble,and decent man, is very intelligent and committed to his conservative values.

While there’s a long way yet to go,I like both of these men in the early going.

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