The ultimate collapse and tragic legacy of Obamacare

George Will’s Op-ed in the Las Vegas Sun, titled “How a presidency unravels” reveals what is although unfashionable within liberal circles, what is the deeply truthful side of the President’s superficial character, his obsequious and illusionist advisors,and the tragic product of the Obamacare legislation, which will be the ultimate crushing blow to the President’s legacy.

George Will’s article is certainly worth the read. It exposes the President and his signature Obamacare legislation for both who and what they are. More of the truth about this evolving ACA nightmare must mushroom into a cloud that overwhelms the flawed visions, incomprehensible miscalculations in judgement and the distorted perceptions which have blinded too many innocent and hope filled people to the improbable degree of incompetence, the ruthlessness and disgraceful tortuous nature and consequences of the Obamacare legislation.

Everyone must wise up to the damage and harm to America and the American People caused by a reckless, callous, incompetent and ,yes,even stupid Administration, and by a Democratic Congress which enacted a complicated, destructive and mean- spirited ACA without even knowing what it said. This legislation, which is now unraveling more everyday, must be smashed to bits before it guts out the middle class,and leaves national healthcare in irrevocable shambles for our entire society.

All trails lead back to the President–he is the ruthless and calculating author who ultimately must be exposed and held accountable for this disgusting travesty. After all, it is his Signature Legislation.

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