The root of Benghazi’s explosive truth–A massive and covert CIA arms transfer operation gone deadly wrong

Doug Hagmann authored his Benghazi article ” The real truth about Benghazi” in October 2012. After reading this article,and assuming Mr.Hagmann is any where near correct, it becomes abundantly more clear what the main thrust of the Benghazi station really was–a massive CIA covert operation to arm the Syrian opposition against an Iranian backed Assad regime in Syria. The existence of this now well publicized covert Benghazi CIA operation appears to have directly resulted in the devastating Benghazi attacks of September 11, 2012. Mr. Hagmann’s article also alleges that shipments of arms and weapons destined for the Syrian rebels from the Benghazi CIA operational facilities amounted to many millions of tons.

Mr. Hagmann, based on information he states was received from a highly reliable source,concludes that the Benghazi attacks which claimed the lives of Chris Stevens and three other Americans, were carried out by highly trained Iranian backed terrorists who, in seeking to protect the Assad regime in Syria, were aided by the Iranian government which was lethally disposed to attack and destroy the CIA’s Benghazi operation. These attacks finally and successfully dismantled the CIA operation on September 11,2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

Based on Mr. Hagmann’s article, the immense scope and depth of this CIA operation was far beyond anything that has ever been revealed to the American public,and one has to ask the question, if in fact it did exist (and possibly still does at another more remote location), “who authorized this operation” and “was it even legal”?

The expansive extent of the CIA’s involvement, the large and far reaching consequences of their operation, and the highly bizarre and tumultuous behavior of our top administration officials, in the midst of the devastating attacks on the U.S. facilities and personnel at Benghazi, was unexplainable at the time. And then such behavior continued in the aftermath, including the lies and cover ups, which may now more clearly be seen as a sign that our government at the highest levels was in complete disarray and completely overwhelmed by a situation that they had authored in the first place, and then having been compromised, the situation had gotten totally out of control when this operation was violently terminated by well organized and executed September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

Then one must ask, if this is accurate, who in our government is accountable for this CIA operation, who authorized it in the first place and at what point in all of this did it become the foreign policy of the U.S. to transfer massive weapons and arms shipments via Turkey to the Syrian opposition forces? Forces that include significant radical elements, reportedly al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood ?

Based on Mr.Hagmann’s account, it suddenly appears that the State Department operation in Benghazi,including Ambassador Chris Stevens and his people, became a mere “front organization” for a very major covert combined CIA/State Department weapons and arms shipment operation that, while centered in Benghazi, was reportedly spread out to several holding facilities, and which overall was likely the most massive CIA operational complex in North Africa, or even possibly the entire Middle East. How many Americans knew that,and does even the administration “stone walled” Congress know this? If so,why don’t the American People?

This obviously appears,if in fact correct, to be another government operation that was highly ill conceived, and recklessly planned,organized and carried out, and at some point spiraled completely out of control, ending up in total chaos in Benghazi, the White House, the State Department and the Defense Department,resulting in a clearly witnessed highly inept Administration response, cover ups and lies.

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