A two nation solution that may work out better, and operate in harmony.

A message to all the liberal socialists in America:

You must allow yourselves to be rescued by the self starters, the self reliant, the wealth and value builders, the working employed, the tax payers, the innovators, the capital investors and risk takers, the business owners, the employers, the private market, the debt reduction warriors, the profit makers, the liberty and freedom lovers, and the champions of small and local government.

Liberal socialism became the Detroit model, and years later it is bankrupt and decaying in its own moral and financial corruption and is a rubbish heap for all to see. That’s the shinning liberal socialist “City on a Hill”.

Otherwise, if liberal socialists refuse to be rescued as offered, let two separate nations be formed divided into two distinct populations. One the one hand will be all those who subscribe to the above described activities and values in their lives and the other country will be populated by only liberal progressives, all the welfare recipients, and all the illegal immigrants . Obamacare will be the healthcare system for the liberal progressives,welfare recipients and illegal immigrants.

The other country will have a private healthcare system of their own choosing,and embrace the form of government originally articulated by the Founders, including all the freedoms, liberties and rights set forth in the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Maybe that will settle the matter once and for all, and then there will be lasting peace and harmony.

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