Liberal socialists have staked a claim that healthcare is a person’s basic human “right”–Not so!

Healthcare , like respect, is not a “right”.

The liberal socialist mantra under The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare has been that healthcare is now finally an individual “right.” The people who talk that way demonstrate their true lack of understanding as to what is involved, and the limits of their own influence.

Someone must first earn the money to pay or trade for this healthcare. Therefore, it’s not exactly some intrinsic natural “right”that people have. Healthcare is not a naturally occurring element in the universe, at least it wasn’t the last time that I looked at an Periodic Table.

This will never be as clear to liberal socialists than when the middle class has finally been driven into the fiscal ground by the unsustainable burden of reckless government spending, waste and debt, and the financial capacity of the nation and its citizens has finally been exhausted.

Also, you can’t force people in a free society to go to school and become doctors, nurses,hospital administrators, radiologists, anesthesiologists, dentists, cardiologists, surgical center owners/operators, pharmacists and psychiatrists. You cant force people to invest in new life-saving drugs,, or in specialized medical devices.and medical office buildings,and hospitals either.

There must be a market demand for healthcare service providers and investors,and for monetary compensation and returns with a sufficient financial incentive or return to attract these medical and healthcare investment dollars to the market which are in turn required to sustain an entire healthcare industry. The ACA cannot invent these medical professionals, physical healthcare providers, innovations and facilities out of thin air, even though Obamacare is the Law of the Land. The ACA on its own standing cannot perform these investor functions or provide all the needed healthcare providers, specialized device makers, pharma research and manufactuing, medical professionals and healthcare facilities.

At some point it may happen that there’s no earned residual left in the nation to pay for these scarce resources any longer. Look at Detroit. The City finally reached and exceeded its financial capacity. Its earned residual had become exhausted. What before had seemed in Detroit to be employee pension “rights”, are in fact no longer totally payable. “Rights” as they are imagined by liberal socialists,are really no more than “hopes” that may someday be fulfilled by someone else’s or our own earned residual. It’s just a plain old simple “hope”.That’s all it is. No guarantee. No “right”.

So what’s your guarantee in life Mr. liberal socialist? Is it that this earned residual will always be there? Look at Detroit. You may want to replace “right” with “blessing”. It’s really nothing more than that of course. Liberal socialists always seem to believe that they were born with certain special “rights” and “entitlements”, which were in fact always only “hopes” or “blessings” if and when we ever got them.

Healthcare,for over 40 years, was usually an earned employment benefit in my life which I competed for as part of the employment bargain. What’s wrong with that anyway? Obamacare’s perverse design is destroying over a half century practice by interfering in a highly successful healthcare mechanism,which extends to millions of working Americans. There’s no excuse for such a disruptive interference in our healthcare system, wherein the cost and incentives for these bargained coverages, as part of the employer-employee contract are indeed being undermined to the detriment of millions of working Americans and their families.

Out of a sense of entitlement then, these liberal socialists become disappointed and angry when their “rights” are not fulfilled. These liberal socialists will possibly demonstrate and protest in the streets should the nation’s earned residual be exhausted.and it may well be some day.

Many predict that we are on course to see it happen someday,the exhaustion of all of the earned residual. Why else do you think they take to the streets? Why of course, they are only seeking their God -given “rights. The failure of the liberal socialist to foresee the consequences of his boundless and endless demand for his “rights”, is like an on- rushing train in the dark. Some times the lights go out! Then there’s only peace, darkness or stillness to endure. Nonetheless,there healthcare is not a “right!”.

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