Nevada’s rancher Bundy’s cattle grazing case–what’s at the heart of the potential violence

Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and his family have owned his ranch since the 1870′s. Bundy has grazed his cattle during the past 20 years on land the federal government claims to be owned by it,and managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Even after Bundy lost in court proceedings which have ruled Bundy owes the federal government over $1 milllion in grazing and other fees,and ordered Bundy to cease and desist from his use of the BLM land, Bundy brazenly refuses to comply with these orders,maintaining that the land is owned by local Clark County and the State of Nevada to which Bundy has paid all the necessary local and state government taxes and fees.

Even though the legal cards are stacked deeply against Mr. Bundy’s quiet enjoyment of the BLM land for his cattle, Bundy refuses to remove his cattle from the land or to pay the federal government the fees awarded it in court.

Nonetheless,sympathies for Bundy run high among many Americans who have been shocked by the blatant lawlessness,arrogance and disregard for Americans rights and freedoms in repeated cases under the current Obama administration.

These include NSA spying. IRS,FBI,OSHA illegal targeting of conservative groups. Numerous ACA illegal changes since enactment. by Illegal backdoor executive orders. Illegal back door amnesty to illegal immigrants thru illegal executive memos by cabinet level officials backed up by Obama. The failure to defend Americans in Benghazi,leading to the murder of four Americans,and the cover ups and lies to the People,still on going. Defrocking of national defense resources that are essential to protect the American People. Emasculation of nuclear deterrent forces by emptying fifty missile silos of their arms. Gun running to Mexican drug cartels resulting in numerous deaths. Running up over 17 trillion in debt thereby undermining the abiliity of the Amedrican People to afford to adequately defend themselves,and fund their health and retirement programs adequately.The list goes on.

What has now emerged in the Bundy cattle grazing case is a highly volatile situation in which the passions of many Americans have actually taken over,and in ways similar to the Boston Tea Party which was also an illegal act. The inflamed emotions toward the government for its own perceived lawlessness ignores the weak legal ground on which Bundy stands in his case. Instead ,many people are responding more to the brute force being used by the Federal government against Bundy, rather than to the facts and merits of Bundy’s case.

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5 Responses to Nevada’s rancher Bundy’s cattle grazing case–what’s at the heart of the potential violence

  1. james richard says:

    Hey americans wake up The B.L.M. land that mr bundy owes grazing fees on is a public trust and belongs to the people of the U.S.A. and it dosent matter how long the family has grazed cattle on this land they do not own it. WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS LAND AND HE OWES US OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS It;s really nobel and brave of him to put the women of their clan on the front lines

    • houstonjac says:

      Americans are fed up with this overbearing and lawless Executive Branch who owes the American Prople much more than Bundy does. The Government is not under a decree to use armed violence and brute force to get it’s million dollars. There’s much more to this political zoo than you wish to tell,in shielding a lawless and corrupt Executive Branch and Harry Reid, who are out of control. Just like the Boston Tea Party,also in violation of then existing law,the act arose from an angry out pouring of expression by the People at a tyrannical government who trampled on the freedoms and rights of the People. I wish that Bundy would not place his family in harms way because god knows this lawless,tyrannical Executive Branch mob has been preparing for several years to bring down armed brute force and violence on Americans who are outraged with their government’s behavior. In the end it is the political self serving interests of Harry Reid and his family who are preying on the American taxpayers to grab this and adjacent land for another wasted green energy project that will end up lining the Reid’s pockects,but screwing the American tax payer. The rationale for the Bundy case and the American Peoples response is in my above blog.

  2. George says:

    Nonsense, Bundy is using public land owned by American people and as a consequence the bum and walfare idiot is a taker and needs to pay the use of the land and I have no sympathy for this thief. Bundy will not win but I trust the courts will freeze his assets, freeze his bank accounts, place liens on his land, kill his credit with banks and foreclose through Federal Court and just bankrupt the user like the rest of the rats who support him.

  3. Isaac T Spencer Jr says:

    Why Clive Bundy isn’t WRONG: (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); There have been many people criticizing Clive Bundy because he did not pay his grazing fees for 20 years. The public is also probably wondering why so many other cowboys are supporting Mr. Bundy even though they paid their fees and Clive did not. What you people probably do not realize is that on every rancher’s grazing permit it says the following: “You are authorized to make grazing use of the lands, under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management and covered by this grazing permit, upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this grazing permit and payment of grazing fees when due.” The “mandatory” terms and conditions go on to list the allotment, the number and kind of livestock to be grazed, when the permit begins and ends, the number of active or suspended AUMs (animal units per month), etc. The terms and conditions also list specific requirements such as where salt or mineral supplements can be located, maximum allowable use of forage levels (40% of annual growth), etc., and include a lot more stringent policies that must be adhered to. Every rancher must sign this “contract” agreeing to abide by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS before he or she can make payment. In the early 90s, the BLM went on a frenzy and drastically cut almost every rancher’s permit because of this desert tortoise issue, even though all of us ranchers knew that cow and desert tortoise had co-existed for a hundred+ years. As an example, a family friend had his permit cut by 90%. For those of you who are non ranchers, that would be equated to getting your paycheck cut 90%. In 1976 there were approximately 52 ranching permittees in this area of Nevada. Presently, there are 3. Most of these people lost their livelihoods because of the actions of the BLM. Clive Bundy was one of these people who received extremely unfair and unreasonable TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Keep in mind that Mr. Bundy was required to sign this contract before he was allowed to pay. Had Clive signed on the dotted line, he would have, in essence, signed his very livelihood away. And so Mr. Bundy took a stand, not only for himself, but for all of us. He refused to be destroyed by a tyrannical federal entity and to have his American liberties and freedoms taken away. Also keep in mind that all ranchers financially paid dearly for the forage rights those permits allow – – not rights to the land, but rights to use the forage that grows on that land. Many of these AUMS are water based, meaning that the rancher also has a vested right (state owned, not federal) to the waters that adjoin the lands and allow the livestock to drink. These water rights were also purchased at a great price. If a rancher cannot show beneficial use of the water (he must have the appropriate number of livestock that drinks and uses that water), then he loses that water right. Usually water rights and forage rights go hand in hand. Contrary to what the BLM is telling you, they NEVER compensate a rancher for the AUMs they take away. Most times, they tell ranchers that their AUMS are “suspended,” but not removed. Unfortunately, my family has thousands of “suspended” AUMs that will probably never be returned. And so, even though these ranchers throughout the course of a hundred years invested thousands(and perhaps millions) of dollars and sacrificed along the way to obtain these rights through purchase from others, at a whim the government can take everything away with the stroke of a pen. This is the very thing that Clive Bundy singlehandedly took a stand against. Thank you, Clive, from a rancher who considers you a hero. Kena Lytle Gloeckner – See more at:

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