Putin’s grand strategy involves unraveling NATO

As Putin sets out to expand his Ukraine take over, the Russian dictator has an even more ambitious end game in mind–the decimation of the NATO Alliance.

As Western leaders ,including the US leadership, count up the potential costs of any meaningful resistance to Putin’s onward march in Eastern Europe, Putin carefully sizes up his Western client-rivals as he aggressively tests their will to his next advance into Eastern Ukraine,which has already begun.

The Western Alliance’s European members who are dependent on Russia for energy and other economic trade,have no appetite to test Russian aggression and economic retaliation.. Ultimately, neither does the US leadership who would be willing to sell NATO for US fly over rights into Afghanistan and a reservation for occupancy on the Russian manned space launch vehicle which has been sold to and is used by the US for failure to invest in its own space program’s manned flight mission–a weak and disturbing position for the one time world leader in such programs,now relegated to a politically bought off and black mailed appeaser nation position.

The demise of NATO will be achieved at the moment Putin extends his aggression against Poland or one of the Baltic NATO members and the US and the rest of the NATO Alliance members fail to meet their treaty obligations to defend each other when any member nation comes under attack.

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