Letter to Senator Reid and other Congressional members regarding the Bundy feud and request for oversight committee investigations

April 20,2014

Senator Dean Heller ( R NV)
Senator Harry Reid (D NV)

Copies to: Rep Joe Heck (R NV), Rep Darrell Issa (R CA), Senator Mitch McConnell (R KY)

Subject: Nevada’s rancher Bundy’s cattle grazing case–what’s at the heart of the controversy and conflict.
Dear Senators,

Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and his family have owned his ranch since the 1870′s and grazed cattle on the land during that time.. Mr. Bundy has grazed his cattle during the past 20 years on land the federal government owns, and which is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Even after Mr. Bundy lost in court proceedings which have ruled Mr. Bundy owes the federal government over $1 million in grazing and other fees, and ordered Bundy to cease and desist from his use of the BLM land, Bundy brazenly refuses to comply with these orders,maintaining that the land is owned by local Clark County and the State of Nevada to which Mr. Bundy has paid all the necessary local and state government taxes and fees.

Even though the legal cards are stacked heavily against Mr. Bundy’s quiet enjoyment of the BLM land for his cattle, Mr. Bundy refuses to remove his cattle from the land or to pay the federal government the fees awarded it in court. Mr. Bundy, therefore,violates the rule of law.

Nonetheless,sympathies for Mr. Bundy run high among many Americans who have been shocked by the blatant lawlessness,arrogance and disregard for Americans rights and freedoms in repeated cases under the current Obama administration. Also,conflicts of interest, cover ups, lies,self-serving political decisions and actions and corruption have become common place.

These include 4th Amendment violations by overly broad NSA spying. First Amendment violations by IRS,FBI,OSHA illegal targeting of conservative groups. Numerous ACA illegal changes since enactment by illegal backdoor executive orders. Illegal back door amnesty to illegal immigrants thru illegal executive memos by cabinet level officials backed up by Mr. Obama. The failure to defend Americans in Benghazi,leading to the murder of four Americans,and the cover ups and lies to the People,still on going. Defrocking of national defense resources that are essential to protect the American People. Emasculation of nuclear deterrent forces by emptying fifty missile silos of their arms. Gun running to Mexican drug cartels resulting in numerous deaths. Running up over 17 trillion in debt thereby undermining the ability of the American People to afford to adequately defend themselves,and fund their health and retirement programs adequately.The list goes on.

What emerged in the Bundy cattle grazing case was a highly volatile situation in which the passions of many Americans had actually taken over, and in ways similar to the Boston Tea Party which was also an illegal act. The inflamed emotions toward the government for its own perceived lawlessness ignored the weak legal ground on which Mr.Bundy stands in his case. Instead ,many people are responding more to the brute force being used by the Federal government against Mr.Bundy, rather than to the facts and lack of merit to Mr. Bundy’s case.

Enter Senator Harry Reid of Nevada into the midst of the tumultuous and highly charged conflict, labeling Mr. Bundy and all the Americans supporting his stand against an increasingly heavily armed and bullying domestic civilian federal force as “domestic terrorists”. Reid’s remarks are highly irresponsible at a most critical time.

Lurking facts that were not mentioned by Senator Reid is that the recently appointed head of the BLM, Neil Kornze had been a Reid Senate staff member who Reid actively pushed for the Senate confirmation to lead BLM. So who was it that made the decision to descend on Mr. Bundy and the local citizen demonstrators with federal supported heavy arms, SWAT teams,and choppers in the Southern Nevada desert evoking an outrage from millions of citizens. Is it not only common sense to conjecture that Senator Reid and his close associate and BLM Director Kornze discussed in advance the heavy handed federal response that took place?

Senator Reid’s involvement and interest in this local Nevada conflict gets even more conflicted and complicated when it surfaced that the Senator’s son, Rory Reid, is representing the Chinese corporation ENN in the land acquisition and rights to build a $5 billion solar complex in part on the 9,000 acre plot used by Mr. Bundy to graze his cattle. Rory Reid’s involvement in the ENN project points back in time to his position of Chairman of the Clark County Commission which agreed on behalf of Clark County to sell all the 9.000 acres to ENN for only $4.5 million. The 9,000 acre plot had reportedly appraised at $38.6 million!

So the Senator’s interest in destroying Mr. Bundy and anyone who opposes the use of heavy handed armed bullying by government hired hit men seems to emerge in a different fact pattern when all this background is considered. Solar or other enterprises in the Nevada Desert can appropriately be referred to in my opinion as REID INC.

While the rule of law must be followed, an overbearing and tyrannical leaning federal government which itself arrogantly and consistently violates the laws only fuels anti government sentiments,and undermines broad citizen support for the federal government’s law enforcement attempts.

Oversight committees in the House and Senate should investigate the facts in the Bundy matter and determine if undue influence and conflict of interests are or were in existence that improperly influenced the government’s response or is impeding a reasonable settlement involving Bundy’s continued use of the land for grazing on terms mutually agreeable to the parties. Senator Reid should be excluded from the Senate committee deliberations except to testify on his actions and personal ( including family) interests in the commercial plans for ENN or other developments in the BLM controlled land in the State and whether the Senator played any role in the BLM response in the Bundy matter,and who it was that decided what that response would be.

Very truly yours,

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