Cliven Bundy’s personal war for free speech

In John L Smith’s commentary ” Bundy gets Bumpkin’s rush from right’s ring” in Sunday’s Las Vegas RJ, Mr Johnson heads out a slippery back door passing over the real crux of the tragic living conditions Bundy was describing to all of us by his sincere ,although awkward, remarks. It’s much easier for Johnson to use his RJ commentary to deflect attention from the real issues underlying the Bunkerville events.

Johnson finds it all too convenient to avoid entirely the explosive, dangerous and abusive BLM and local law enforcement armed over reach, intrusions, property rights infringements, bodily injuries and property damages at Bunkerville in the shocking raid on Nevada citizens over a cattle grazing dispute. The smoke screen that Bundy is a racist because of remarks he made is an convenient deflection of the truth by Johnson.

Mr. Bundy simply relayed the truth about the large number of government dependent people who live in abject poverty, crime, drugs, broken families and who receive their livelihood from a government who is devoted to financially entrapping them in exchange for their votes–Bundy described what he had observed in government subsidized local African-American communities.

Mr. Bundy is an unsophisticated cowboy,and his words, while sincere,were awkwardly chosen. Mr Bundy was verbally slaughtered by media commentators like Johnson for his comments in a poisonous“politically correct” environment in which free speech is intimidated by people like Johnson. The underlying truths in Bundy’s statements meant little to many observers like Johnson.

Mr. Bundy’s comments had nothing to do with” slavery”,and everything to do with deplorable life styles and living conditions in many government subsidized housing complexes. Mr. Bundy clearly deplored these conditions based on his comments,and blames the government rightfully for being more eager for constituent votes in these federally subsidized housing areas than the feds are for healing the root causes of these deplorable conditions.

Mr. Johnson should focus on the real threat to civilized order and condemn the tyrannical tactics of a federal government who has threatened to create civil upheaval and violence. Johnson should instead call for a congressional investigation into the ones who ordered the brutal BLM armed intrusion at Bunkerville.

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