Letter to Editor informing Bundy is no racist,and requesting Senators Heller and Rand Paul to denounce BLM heavy handed tactics in Bundy case

The following letter was sent April 25,2014 to Senators Dean Heller and Rand Paul requesting that they both return to inform the American People of their grave concern for the brutal use of armed force by BLM agents against civilians at the Bundy encampment outside Las Vegas,Nevada. The BLM and its allies have become vocal detractors trying to deflect the blatant and abusive BLM armed over reach, intrusions, property rights infringements, bodily injuries and property damages at Cliven Bundy’s Nevada Ranch. Here is the letter sent to Senators Dean Heller of Nevada and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

“Dear Senators,

You and other well known earlier Cliven Bundy supporters came out and slammed Mr. Bundy for his “slavery” comments to the media,which were erroneously characterized as “racial”. Mr. Bundy was simply trying to tell the truth about the large number of government supported people who live in abject poverty, crime, drugs, broken families and who receive their livelihood from a government who is devoted to keeping them that way in exchange for their votes–Bundy was only describing what he believes he actually sees today in government subsidized local African-American communities,

Mr. Bundy is a rough spoken.unsophisticated cowboy,and his words, while sincere,were awkwardly chosen. Mr Bundy was verbally slaughtered for his comments in this kind of “politically correct” environment today. The underlying truths in Bundy’s statements meant less to many listeners than the way he delivered his statement and the words that he he used.

Mr. Bundy’s comments had nothing to do with” slavery”,and everything to do with the life style and living conditions in the government subsidized housing complexes,and there are plenty of these in America today. Mr. Bundy clearly deplored these conditions based on his comments,and blames the government rightfully for being more eager for constituent votes than for healing the root causes of these deplorable conditions.

I recommend that you make a follow up statement indicating that while strongly condemning the choice of words used by Mr. Bundy in his comments that you have not wavered in your condemnation of the over bearing armed assault by the BLM on private citizens and their property and will request a hearing on the decision to use such armed force and finding out who was responsible.

Very truly yours,”

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