Release of illegal immigrant criminals by Homeland Security Department

May 19,2014

Rep Joe Heck ( R Nev)
Senator Dean Heller (R Nev)
Senator Harry Reid ( D Nev)
Rep Steven Horsford (D Nev)

Subject:Homeland Security’s Illegal immigrant criminals release jeopordizes America’s safety and property

Dear Senators and House Representatives,

The Obama administration is conducting the systematic disintegration of American society by outrageous acts of destruction of both constitutional rights and values and the physical safety of society at large.

The release last year of 36,000 illegal immigrants with 88,000 criminal convictions by the Dept of Homeland Security,many of them murderers who did not serve their terms have exposed Americans to deprivation of their right to safety from acts of violence by their government. The release of these illegal immigrants also is a crime,the result of which is to establish a system whereby American citizens are held to a more rigorous penal system,than non citizens who are in this nation illegally. A crime and an outrage.

It is time that we Americans forced on our federal government the rule of law,and the punishment of those responsible for these illegal decisions and actions the serious harm from which is intentional and foreseeable.. These violations of law and threats to the safety of all Americans is intolerable.

Impeachment proceedings must begin at once against high ranking officials starting with President Obama, AG Eric Holder and the top cabinet officials of our government who played a part in this reprehensible conduct.

The American People must recover control and avoid the harm from the egregious acts of these intolerable lawless bureaucrats who are destroying the safety and integrity of the nation .

Bob Jack
3916 Marsh sparrow Lane
North Las Vegas,NV 89084
702 355 2303

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