Letter to Congress regarding the Select Committee on Benghazi

May 19,2014

Rep Joe Heck (R Nev)
Senator Dean Heller (R Nev)
Rep Steven Horsford (D Nev)
Senator Bob Corker (R Tenn)
Senator Lamar Alexander (R Tenn)
Rep Michele Bachmann (R Minn)
Rep Mike Rogers(R MI)
Rep Darrell Issa (R CA)
Rep Trey Gowdy ( R SC)
Rep Trent Franks ( R AZ)
Rep Louie Gohmert ( R TX)
Rep Tom Rooney ( R WA)
Rep Lynn Westmoreland (R GA)
Senator John Mc Cain (R AZ)
Senator Marco Rubio (R Fla)
Rep John Boehner (R OH)
Senator Lindsay Graham (R SC)
Senator Kelly Ayotte (R NH)
Senator Harry Reid (D NV)
Rep Martha Roby ( R Ala)
Rep Jim Jordan ( R OH)
Rep Mike Pompero ( R Kan)
Rep Peter Roskam ( R Ill)
Rep Susan Brocks ( R Ind)

Subject: The select House Committee on Benghazi

Dear Senators and House Representatives,

The reason Benghazi is the most heinous of all the politically motivated scandals of the Obama administration is the callous lack of protection and care for American lives on the ground in the months leading up to the attack by Islamic terrorists, during the attack itself, and then the utter arrogance and lies in the aftermath of the September 11,2012 attack about the reason for the attack. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other brave Americans were brutally murdered by radical Islamic terrorists,and many others were wounded.

Unless blinded by ideological arrogance, every American should be able to identify as being one of those betrayed and abandoned Americans on the Benghazi battlefield, and with being the vulnerable victim of a senseless self serving political motive which allowed them to go unprotected and then brutally murdered, as it has now been uncovered.

While the White House- conspired internal cover up spread rapidly within the administration as to the false reason for the attack being an offensive Muslim Internet video ,the real unvarnished truth edges closer everyday in the incredible details exposed in documents that have been released in response to a FOIA law suit against the State Department brought by Judicial Watch.

These documents clearly show the White House’s direct involvement via senior level communications staffer Ben Rhodes in originating and spreading the false narrative of the Muslim video as being behind the attack and not a broader failure of Obama’s policies.

The currently forming House Select Committee to be headed by Congressman Trey Gowdy ( Rep SC), will clear the way for an unfettered and much more compelling hunt for answers to a long list of yet unanswered questions that have been stove piped and stone walled in a complicated House committee structure thus far. Some of the questions expected to be pursued by the new committee are as follows:

1. Where was Obama all night during the attacks? Why was he MIA. What was Obama’s phone call all about at about 10 PM the night of the attack.

2. Why were Hillary Clinton’s public testimonies in identical words to the newly revealed White House talking points documents obtained by Judicial Watch even though she knew the real facts differed from what she was saying ?

3. Why was the US the last flag standing in Benghazi after everyone else had left (UK, Red Cross)?

4.Why was Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi on Sept 11,2012, at a very perilous time?

5. Why did Susan Rice go out and speak on five Sunday news talk shows instead of Hillary Clinton whose job it was?

6. Did president Obama pick up the phone and ask any of our allies for help the night of the attack?

7. Who originated the myth that an Internet video instigated the attacks. What did Hillary Clinton and Obama discuss in the phone call at about 10 PM the night of the attack?

8. Why were DOD assets not in a position to counter the attacks given months of hostile terrorist activity in Benghazi?. Def Sec Panetta needs to answer for the failure to be ready for and make a military response.

9. Who gave the stand down orders.

10. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton beef up the defenses in Benghazi months before as requested and in full view of increasing terrorist threats in the area?

11. Why did the Steven’s residence intentionally fail to meet the minimum use
standards for diplomatic security ?

12. What was the CIA Annex involved in ?

13. What was Hillary Clinton’s role in the joint CIA/State Dept Benghazi gun running operations to Syrian opposition consisting of al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists?

14. Why have there been no arrests or retaliation for the attacks by terrorists.

15. What plot regarding a hostage exchange involving Chris Stevens might have existed?

16. On whom should the accountability be placed for the death of Stevens and the other three Americans?

17. Who is going to be fired, impeached or prosecuted for treason, dereliction of duty, wrongful deaths and/or perjury ?

It is obvious that the Democrats want to play down Benghazi, and make it disappear, but fortunately you don’t get away with abandoning Americans on a remote battlefield to be murdered and merely walk away.

Very truly yours,

Bob Jack
3916 Marsh Sparrow Lane
North Las Vegas,NV 89084
702 355 2303

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