Reforming the congressional oversight process by accessing and using new sources of information in the search for answers

What is disappointing to those Americans who are not afflicted with ideological blindness is the failure of our government to function through the normal framework of congressional oversight which has failed to achieve investigative penetration thus far through the traditional congressional oversight process.

The Obama administration has redacted and stonewalled it’s way though nearly two years of Benghazi investigations while many Democrats in Congress prefer to protect their ideological interests for political reasons rather that seek truth and justice for the American People.

In evidence of the ineffectiveness of the oversight process the most critical disclosures on Benghazi have surfaced through the judicial process by revelations stemming from a Freedom of Information Act law suit by Judicial Watch against the State Dept.

For the future protection of the interests of all Americans there must be governmental reforms that enable oversight committees to at least gain access to or use facts and information during its investigations of the Executive Branch that are readily accessible on the Internet and through normal judicial processes. Clearly it takes too long to break through the bureaucratic fog of the Executive Branch to get to the bottom of the critical facts that underpin matters of vital concern to the protection of our citizens.

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