Anti government sentiments growing as continued brazen scandals emerge

Antagonists against Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden tend to be pro big government defenders who see no wrong in the abusive power grabs of an out of control,unmanaged and illegal power drunk government operating outside the boundaries of the US Constitution. So serious is the absence of oversight in the federal Executive Branch,that even the President as the CEO of the Executive Branch is reduced to finding out by reading the newspaper or watching the news just how out of control ,reckless and illegal his own administration has become.

Both Snowden and Bundy are excoriated as either a traitor in Snowden’s case or a racist and moocher in Bundy’s case. Actually a large and increasing number of Americans are just now waking up to the power drunk abuse that our federal government exacts on unsuspecting citizens who are subjected to callous and malicious,unconstitutional and illegal treatment and abuse. The current VA medical debacle is one in a long line of shocking examples of federal neglect ,lies and a culture that is bred on unchecked corruption and a self serving waste of taxpayer dollars.

While there are elements to both Snowden’s and Bundy’s cases that most decent law abiding Americans will agree are unlawful,yet a growing number of Americans are more seriously concerned with the context of unconstitutionality, lawlessness, neglect and even lethality of their own federal government’s actions for which our elected leaders in Washington DC are accountable and more than likely impeachable and criminally liable,

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