The First Amendment protects the Washington “Redskins”

The offended speech police persist in demanding that the NFL owner of the storied franchise change the name of the overwhelmingly successful team to something other than the “Redskins”. The speech police and practitioners of political correctness play their politically correct First Amendment destruction game of trying to undermine and erode the right of free speech granted under the First Amendment . They do this by raising the specter of the name’s ” offensiveness,”a ploy very much in line with the radical Islamic blasphemy law under the Sharia where anything “offensive to Muslims” is outlawed. Both the far Left and the radical Sharia adhering Islamists are paired in a constitutionally destructive anti American unholy alliance. In the final analysis,this is yet another assault on the US Constitution. subtle but nonetheless an assault.

Into these overly sensitive intolerants must be ingrained the fact that free speech still rules supreme in this nation and that no one in this country is legally required to conform to another person’s idea of what constitutes “good taste”. The Redskins of DC football fame rule supreme with their fans and millions of other Americans. Learning to live in a society where some people are offended by someone else’s speech is a sign that the First Amendment is alive and well.

It’s only when well intended Americans succumb to the pressure from the progressive Left or the Sharia adhering radical fundamental Islamists, as represented by the loathsome Hamas inspired terrorist supported Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), that First Amendment rights are endangered by voluntary acquiescence or surrender.

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