Border control not “immigration reform” is the answer

Eugene Robinson in his op ed ” An overriding need for reform” would like to lead everyone down the obscure path that “immigration reform ” is required to resolve the current border fiasco in Texas. Actually the concept of “immigration reform ” lives a separate and distinct form of existence in every mind. It clearly is no panacea for the current border crisis . Only border control is the actual solution . That means stopping illegal migrants from entering the country in the first place. However the President and his subordinates allow an “open border” and consequently there will be a very loud debate in both the public square and the Halls of Congress where such a paradigm is unwelcome to most people. Obama and the Democrats are on the hook for this fiasco and will be politically harmed by their failure to plug the Southern border. Sending in the National Guard as many have suggested would be an effective means of blocking illegal immigrant flows and send an important message to those Central American agents and migrants who are contemplating these mass migrations. There have been ample opportunities but no action yet unfortunately. The nation is hungry for competent executive management in our government . The devastating effects of managerial failure and incompetence have been painfully brought to the national and international fronts. Political change on a significant scale is in the wind.

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