The Obama Benghazi video lie

In his recently published book Blood Feud, Edward Klein describes a phone call placed to Hillary Clinton at 10 PM on the night of the Benghazi attack by President Obama in which Obama asks Clinton to put out a press release stating that a Muhammad You Tube Video was the cause of a spontaneous protest that resulted in the attacks on the Benghazi facilities and ultimately the murder of four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens. After initially objecting that the video story did not fit the narrative of the 9/11 terrorist attack in Benghazi,Clinton was further pressed by the President to release the false statement which she did only minutes later. This is one of the Benghazi lies and the background that gave rise to it. Obama was terrified that the world would realize that his claims that al Qaeda was decimated and on the run was untrue and would discredit him. With only two months before a closely contested presidential election Obama had felt compelled to act.

Later Clinton was asked by Obama to go out on several Sunday talk news shows to recite the false narrative. When Hillary informed Bill Clinton he told her to refuse to do it and she told the President “no”.. Finally Susan Rice, ambitious for the Secretary of State position which Clinton would be vacating agreed to make the rounds on these shows and make the false statement, which ruined any chances she had to become Secretary of State.

Finally,when Hillary Clinton later appeared before Congress to testify about Benghazi,and made her now infamous raged statement “What difference does it make” why four Americans were murdered,that Bill Clinton watching was stunned that his wife had lost her composure,and predicted the scene would be played repeatedly by the Republicans during the 2016 presidential campaign to her detriment.

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