Texas Governor Perry to send Nartional Guard to the Border in illegal immigration influx

Texas Governor Rick Perry has reached a decision to place National Guard troops at the Texas/Mexico border to help block the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the Texas border via Mexico from mainly Central America. The fact that President Obama defied the conventional wisdom to stem the flood of illegal aliens by using the National Guard is a probable sign the President may attempt to frustrate and impede Perry’s efforts. There is really little doubt that these illegals are all part of Obama’s grand plan to immerse the US in another poverty class and increase the demographics which favor the Democratic Party.

The illegality of Obama’s actions will have to be weighed in the future when the political landscape no longer favors Obama’s policies and his blatantly damaging actions which undermine the well being of America and her main population.

Obama’s behavior is no less than egregious,as he repeatedly neglects to enforce long standing laws and accept responsibility for his Constitutional duties. It has reached the abysmal point where the Federal government refuses systematically to protect the nation’s social quality,national security and economic wealth.

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