Texas Governor Rick Perry acts, draws outcry from amnesty advocates

The characteristic that has been patently absent at our Texas border with Mexico is that there is a protected zone that cannot be penetrated by human migrations-one with an authoritative presence The Obama administration may intend that perception,and reality,however that is not the law.

Texas Governor Rick Perry means to change the message that the US border is a greeting place and a “Welcome to America” sign for illegal immigration entering the US from Mexico. Perry plans to position the Texas National Guard along the border to assist in enforcement actions to protect Texas citizens and their property from the overwhelming influx of illegals.He also plans to restore border integrity.

After approvingly watching as Obama failed miserably to seal the border and enforce federal immigration laws, loathing and grievance dripping Democrats seeking amnesty for millions of past and also present illegal immigrants entering from Mexico are hurling their vitriol and criticism at Perry for transferring National Guard troops to the Southwest border with Mexico.The destructive effects of the Obama and other amnesty promoters result from obliterating any semblance of border boundaries,and overwhelming the border area with illegal aliens who must then be cared for by the tax payers. Contrary to the amnesty seekers claims, this uninterrupted influx is an imminent threat to the economic, national security, personal safety and property conditions along these unprotected migration border zones.

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