Letter to members of Congress regarding Obama’s lawless unconstitutional “legislation”, withholding of funding and impeachments

July 28 ,2014

Rep Joe Heck (R Nev)
Senator Dean Heller (R Nev)
Rep Steven Horsford (D Nev)
Senator Bob Corker (R Tenn)
Senator Lamar Alexander (R Tenn)
Rep Michele Bachmann (R Minn)
Rep Mike Rogers(R MI)
Rep Darrell Issa (R CA)
Rep Trey Gowdy ( R SC)
Rep Trent Franks ( R AZ)
Rep Louie Gohmert ( R TX)
Rep Tom Rooney ( R WA)
Rep Lynn Westmoreland (R GA)
Senator John Mc Cain (R AZ)
Senator Marco Rubio (R Fla)
Rep John Boehner (R OH)
Senator Lindsay Graham (R SC)
Senator Kelly Ayotte (R NH)
Senator Harry Reid (D NV)
Senator Rand Paul ( R Ky)
Senator Ted Cruz (R Tex)
Rep Lou Barletta ( R Pa)
Senator Jeff Sessions (R ALA)

Subject: Defunding of Obama administration illegal executive actions and impeachments

Dear Senators and House Representatives,

The Obama administration,led by the president himself, is on a lawless and reckless rampage which violates Constitutional authority and the separation of powers. The president and his subordinates under his leadership have illegally subverted Congressional authority repeatedly, by creating and implementing non binding and unenforceable “regulations and memo directives” through his subordinates and on his own. The pending House law suit against the president for his alleged violations of the law relative to the Affordable Care Act is but one example.

Other than this one matter, the Congress has utterly failed to effectively challenge and stop the promulgation of executive orders and directives such as the president’s Deferred Action program (DACA). DACA which clearly appears to be an illegal extra constitutional program,initially deferred the deportation of under 30 years of age illegal immigrants and was “authorized” via directives and memos issued by various departments of the Executive Branch under Obama’s watch. Congress was by- passed and never fulfilled it legislative obligations to the People under DACA.

Now,it is reported that the president intends to unilaterally expand DACA to add another 5-6 million illegal immigrants which will effectively end immigration enforcement in the US.
Under an expanded DACA, illegal immigrants would be entitled to documents allowing them to remain in the US and work indefinitely and avoid deportation.

The inaction by Congress to stop this reckless and lawless breakdown in the operation of the government is inexcusable. It is requested that you aggressively get a handle on this before the immigration system in this country deteriorates entirely,and that you determine how you might best use the remedies provided under the Constitution ( funding controls and impeachment of offending Executive Branch personnel) to arrest this problem,and once and for all remedy it.

It is realized that any remedies must come primarily from the Republican side of both chambers, while Democrats desperate for a rescue from Obama’s failed policies and his very apparent violations of the law, are looking at this point for any last second miracles they can get.

Very truly yours,

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