United States must back Israel in the destruction of Hamas

July 28 ,2014

Rep Joe Heck (R Nev)
Senator Dean Heller (R Nev)
Rep Steven Horsford (D Nev)
Senator Bob Corker (R Tenn)
Senator Lamar Alexander (R Tenn)
Rep Michele Bachmann (R Minn)
Rep Mike Rogers(R MI)
Rep Darrell Issa (R CA)
Rep Trey Gowdy ( R SC)
Rep Trent Franks ( R AZ)
Rep Louie Gohmert ( R TX)
Rep Tom Rooney ( R WA)
Rep Lynn Westmoreland (R GA)
Senator John Mc Cain (R AZ)
Senator Marco Rubio (R Fla)
Rep John Boehner (R OH)
Senator Lindsay Graham (R SC)
Senator Kelly Ayotte (R NH)
Senator Harry Reid (D NV)
Senator Rand Paul ( R Ky)
Senator Ted Cruz (R Tex)
Rep Lou Barletta ( R Pa)

Subject: The War in Gaza and Israel

Dear Senators and House Representatives,

The US must support Israel and provide it the military assistance and political support required to defeat Hamas and preserve the thriving and Democratic civilized Jewish nation and US ally. This support must find its way in spite of a timid and reluctant Obama administration.

Those who loath Israel and the Israeli Jews are the real obstacles to peace in the region. It is those people who have Palistinian blood on their hands.

Free world leaders must face the reality that there can be only one ultimate survivor in the present war between Hamas and Israel. Israeli IDF forces have the capacity to carry this war to a complete victory,and they must do it.

If they do not because of pressure exerted by the United States and other Western powers then it’s only a matter of time until Israel perishes under the savagery of Islamic terrorism in the region. At present Israel is the great hope in the Middle East–a beacon of an advanced civilization’s light which must never be extinguished. Israel must do much more than dampen the present Hamas uprising. Hamas must be destroyed and their savagery and hate ended.

What the free world community must comprehend is that the collateral human suffering of the Palestinian people arises almost exclusively from the intentional use of the civilian population by Hamas as human shields. A cease-fire will only defer the time allowing Hamas to replenish its war assets and again attack Israel. The next time with even greater losses to the Jewish population. Israel’s resources are not unlimited,rather scarce. Therefore, Israel must unleash its military’s destruction on Hamas now,and the civilized people of the world must look on with approval that these radical Hamas terrorists are being destroyed.

Even at that Israel must always remain vigilant. Not only must they guard against the rekindling of Hamas , but also against the threat from Hezbollah in Lebanon,and from Iran and from Assad in Syria.

With a change in US leadership to one showing no reservations in its support of the Jewish State,even military support, Israeli chances for survival will increase,and the Middle East will retain the advantage of an enterprising and powerful democratic ally. No other outcome must result.

Very truly yours,

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