The Affordable Care Act Undermines America’s Middle Class

Ever since the Affordable Care Act swept onto the national scene it has been a financial anchor around the necks of the middle class. Premiums have sky rocketed for most insureds , deductibles have risen astronomically, provider choices have narrowed to the extent that choices frequently have excluded existing physicians and other healthcare providers. The question is why a handful of bureaucrats in DC would be positioned to raise such havoc on the vast majority of Americans and create such immense financial and healthcare burdens in order to bring insurance to about eight per cent of the population which was previously involuntarily uninsured but did not go without healthcare under that system.
As a result the healthcare for more than 85 percent of Americans was turned upside down at a significant increase in costs for reduced quality of care. While there were several improvements in long noted flaws such as pre existing conditions, coverage for the great majority of Americans ACA is a nightmare. The entire law is ripe for major amendment or repeal.
These actions are considered
as ones that will enhance considerably the healthcare experience of countless millions of Americans while also providing healthcare to those individuals residing in the roughly eight per cent who cannot afford healthcare and are involuntarily uncovered.
1. Radically restructure the ACA to its bare ingredients so that it requires specific minimum coverages including pre existing conditions, non cancellation for exceeding certain limits, or termination without option for extension on reasonable legislated conditions.
2. The use of healthcare vouchers to the poor providing coverages substantially the same as coverage under Medicare.
3. The expansion of the healthcare insurance coverage pool to include interstate insurance competition under free market conditions subject to legislative requirements that may be enacted by Congress.
4 Abolishment of Medicaid.
5. Remaining healthcare recipients may purchase healthcare insurance as they determine necessary to fit their particular needs. Those electing to opt out of insurance coverage and do not fall under the protections in 2 above shall be liable for payment of their own insurance costs at assessed or rates negotiated with individual providers.

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