World War III has begun. This time with radical Islamic Jihad:Congressionsal Declaration is required

The Western World including the US now finds itself surrounded by WWIII War On!

The self denial that engulfs the White House is drawing to a close. As radical Islamic jihad marches across the Middle East into Iraq,Syria,Libya,Egypt,Yemen and even sets its sights on Rome and as increasingly radical Islam beheads, burns and pillages the Middle East slaughtering peoples from all nations with which it comes into contact a staggering seventy per cent of Americans are in disagreement with the manner in which our Commander in Chief is handling ISIS, Al Qaeda and the other deadly tentacles of radical Islamic terrorism encircling the globe.
Two things are clearly evident. Either President Obama will be forced to drastically change course and commit US troops to the ground or America must face the the imminent
prospect of removing him from office in order to evade a further incurrence of losses and degradations in global security. WWIII is now a reality and all of us must face it.

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