Islam and its practitioners—with what and with whom we are at war!

Obama again missed the point in his overview of the Islamic nature and teachings in his “Extremism Conference”. He is wrong when he concludes that we are not at war with Islam. We are at war with the tenets of this religion which uphold and command its followers to murder Christians and Jews and all “unbelievers:”

We are at war with an ideology or tenets that call for honor killings and wife rape as a matter of the subjugation and abuse of women and those who practice such acts and behaviors or any religion or any religious ideology or faith that calls for the killing of adulterers and homosexuals.

It is these intolerant and savage acts that the Koran and Shariah command of its followers that we are at war against because it is the tenets of this religion that call upon its followers to commit these acts and to wage violent ( or “Civilization”) jihad against all non believers.

The so called “peaceful Muslims “are the ones who refuse to act on these savage and intolerant tenets and behaviors that the Prophet either carried out himself or commanded as the Supreme commands which he proclaimed were revealed to him by Allah for implementation by the Prophet and all those of the Islamic religion.

To say that we are not at war with Islam which codifies these savage and intolerant acts and behaviors and with those who practice them is yet another false political defense of Islam by Obama.

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