Intergenerational War with radical global terrorism must be acknowledged and declared

The US is in an intergenerational war with those who adhere to a radical and virulent strain of Islam. Such a clear declaration of war by the US government is both long overdue and required to address an existential threat to Western civilization.

The Islamic State, Khorasan and al Qaeda are several clear manifestations of this ideology,as is the increasing incidence of radical savage home grown purveyors of this ideology in America,the UK and other Western nations.

Probably the greatest threat to our national security is the curious policy of the Obama administration to remove the words ” radical Islamic terrorism” from our national lexicon only to be replaced with misleading phrases like ” violent extremism”. Such a policy only conceals the truth and deflects attention from the reality of the threat we face from radical Islamic savagery.

What we are confronting and must formally declare as a nation is a global war with the fanatical and radical element of Islam. The war and the conflicts accompanying it will be inter generational and we must accept this fact.

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