ISIS beast must be destroyed

Another dismayed and angry day watching the death and mutilation of
innocents by the savage beast ISIS.

I could not hold back any longer so I picked my cell phone in which I have programmed the number of the Washington DC congressional switchboard. In sequence I called the offices of Senator Dean Heller, Rep Hardy, Rep Heck and Senator Reid. In every case my message was identical and simple. I would tell each staff member who answered the same ” My name is Bob Jack from the Las Vegas area. The reason for my call is to urge the Senator ( or Representative ) to push hard for the destruction of these ISIS savages. Immediately deploy additional US Special Forces and drastically in crease the number of sorties until these ISIS savages are all dead and before we are forced to meet them head on in American streets. They ARE coming!”

In each case the voice on the other end quickly grasped and was highly receptive to the message and agreed to pass it on to the boss.

We must immediately answer this simple question. ” When have we had enough?”

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