The advent of “No Go Zones” in America and how to avoid them

Americans have not yet been tested by incoming immigrants particularly from middle eastern and North Africa to the No Go Zone. While such zones are beginning in cities where there have been high influxes of Muslims such as Dearborn Michigan and street blockages are common in New York City at prayer time on Friday prayer day, the threshold level for most Americans has not yet been achieved.

These zones are common in Western Europe now and have risen to levels where the local cities have lost civic control and upon entrance into one of these immigrant zones police are attacked and driven out by multitudes who live inside these zones. Germany has encountered extreme unrest and lawlessness inside these zones to the extent police and municipal government are now powerless inside these zones and have lost all control over civilized conduct and responding to local crimes.

Because of the generally benign response to immigration in the US the far left government in America now strives for multiculturalism instead of assimilation which draws America closer to the advent of no go zones which is the product of multiculturalism

As Muslim refugees continue to pour into America from Iraq, Syria, Somalia and other areas in the Middle East and North Africa and as High Muslim birth rates drive up the Muslim population these multicultural no go zones will take root in America and encroach on and disrupt America’s civil society and the constitutional guarantees promised by our traditional Constitutional rights which will in time compete with Shariah.

Of course all of this can be avoided if the American people demand change in these trends and significantly blunt the growth in the rise of Muslims immigrating to America and encourages and gives incentives for dissuading the pooling of Muslims and gives them reason for assimilation.

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