Why the Iran Nuclear deal must be voided by Congress and never see the light of day

Back on 9/11 the existence of a war with radical Islamic terrorism was never more obvious. Now today the radical left and misguided liberals believe we can slow roll the advance of war by appeasement and delay while these same radical Islamic elements strike us in our homeland and gain strength abroad. The current Iran Nuclear deal is a delaying initiative which only places the leading sponsors of terror in the world in a stronger position in ten years. The Left asks the question “what else is better–a current war?” The answer of course is ” would you rather chance war now or in ten years when Iran had a nuclear capability?”

Of course this is a no brainer. Take the initiative now and face reality. What the left anti war element does not acknowledge is that we are at war even in our homeland right now. The result of continuing ISIS fatwas which bring terror right home to America. Thousands of homeland forces now protect us at all kinds of events while our blind government informs us not to let the terrorists alter our behavior.

We must deal tough with Iran right now. No weak nuclear deal that sets us up for future annihilation. And we must deal with the outright destruction of the Islamic State at the radicals ant hill in Iraq and Syria even if it means more boots on the ground. ISIS must be killed as part of the long term game of whack a mole we are pursuing in the Middle East and North Africa. As the radical Islamic weeds grow they must be eliminated while in their infancy. We are engaged in an intergenerational struggle that cannot be lost.

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