The Hillary Clinton File Server Scandal

Another stunning controversy hits the Obama administration. This time the lack of management controls over the Secretary of State’s emails allowed Hillary Clinton to operate on a private file server outside the mainstream,contrary to the Obama administration’s directives and policies during her tenure as Secretary of State..

Now it turns out that ” top secret” information resided on Clinton’s private file server,and it’s not clear to us what the exact information or satellite images are which she possessed. The FBI has now taken control of the server which reportedly has been wiped “clean”. Clinton denies that there was any classified information on the server that was marked “classified” while in her possession.
However,that does not really matter in the legal sense,wherein it would have been illegal for such information to have been in her possession or the subject of any of her emails.

The fact that satellite imagery was part of the “top secret” information on the server leads to speculation whether this could yet be another explosive and damaging photo of CIA operatives in Libya or of the Benghazi terrorist attack on the Benghazi CIA Annex or the Ambassador’s headquarters on the evening of the Sept 11,2012 attack. Possibilities are that the sensitive information that could do “grave harm” to the US ,was photo evidence that the CIA and Clinton were engaged in training anti-Assad rebels in the use of chemical weapons or that it made clear in real time that Clinton and in fact the entire inside senior administration clearly lied to the world about what they knew about the radical Islamic terrorist attack on the Benghazi facilities,and when they knew it.

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