The Islamization of America–The approaching peril

Saudi Arabia is planning and in fact is in the process of fundamentally transforming America into an Islamic State or Caliphate. Do you believe this is possible in a nation based on a constitutional bed rock of freedom and liberty?

Gradually,and with ever such certainty,America is changing as Middle East forces,predominantly from Saudi Arabia, are inculcating the radical form of Islam known as Wahhabism and Salafism into US society. These are the extreme forms of Islam,based on violent jihad as professed by the Prophet Muhammad. In July 2015 an article appeared in the Constitutional Conservatives and numerous other publications informing that Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal,a senior member of the Saudi Royal Family would commit his 32 billion fortune to the Isalamization of America, which would be to the advancement of Wahhabism and Salafism. Shariah is also advanced by these extremist ideologies.

The same article in the Constitutional Conservatives states that billions have been spent already in the US on radical ideology,and that 80% of all US Mosques are Saudi funded.It is important to know that Islamism is an integrated Political-relgio ideology,not a pure religion thereby preventing the separation of church and state.

These developments should raise significant concerns for America’s future. These Saudi investments are also being channeled to the Muslim Brotherhood and Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),respectively engaged in Civilization Jihad(undermining US Constitutional standards and values) and speech police attempting to legally block by intimidation any attempt to speak out against these potentially disastrous outcomes in America. Unquestionably America must Wake Up!

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