Refugee re settlements are unwanted in America

Within months 10,000 Syrian refugees are planning to enter the US
The President assures us these refugees will be extensively vetted to assure that they are free from any terrorists. But then again how can we trust this President and his administration to do a thorough and rigorous screening of every refugee. After all is not this the same president who promised Americans that if they wanted to keep their health insurance or doctors under the ACA that they could.

At this time an increasing number of States are preparing for legal actions to thwart this influx of these refugees. Most of these are young men the likes of which ISIS relies for terrorist actions. How is America to rely on these assertions of safety from this refugee influx. There isn’t a chance that Americans should feel any assurance from these refugee resettlements or that our cities can be safe from terrorist acts as a result.

Even though a growing number of Americans are unsettled by the ISIS insurgencies and persistent spread Obama clings to his timid strategies and to undermining US security by being rigid and weak.

Regardless of his failed policies and constant tendency to undermine US interests, the American people may have been awakened by the horrific Paris attacks.

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