ISIS attacks in Europe and US

As the living hell of ISIS winds its way through France murdering innocents, and ISIS threats directed at the heart of American government are announced by ISIS,the question is will the President and the liberals in America wake up and identify this virulent strain of Islam that perpetrates mayhem and death everywhere it goes.

Specifically both ISIS and al Qaida are Salafist jihadis who adhere to the fundamental teachings of Muhammad and is within the Sunni strain of Islam. Therefore, these are the immediate enemy we must defeat in this deadly terrorist war. Salifism is a religious-poilitical movement which adopts a violent form of jihad.

With plots by ISIS announced for Washington DC,all must be concerned and prepared for the eventual attacks on American soil. The wise money will follow the bet that such strikes in America will materialize at some point,and could be devastating to our people and way of life,just as in the case of 9/11.

In the meantime, the US military focus on ISIS in Syria/Iraq must be expanded and sharpened in the immediate context of that war.

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