The invasion of government incompetents and radical Islam

Internal domestic security is now at risk from radical Islamic terrorism as never before after WWII from ISIS attacks. Our current government ( extending back to the Bush W era) has been inept and incompetent as never before in a life time.

Promises have been made to the American people only to discover that
this administration has not and may not be capable of its number one obligation: To protect the American People.

The Paris attacks have shown us the devastating effect and powers of ISIS. 9/11 showed America the devastating effects of al Qaeda, or the combined devastation of radical Islamic terrorism on multiple Continents.

Now our government is attempting to force 10,000 Syrian refugees into the interstices of our nation and expects us to believe that these migrants have been thoroughly screened for terrorists. With the level of competence of our government at an all time low,is it no wonder that the American people refuse to trust our administration to protect us. After all, it was Obama’s administration that bungled the Obamacare roll out from the get go,and informed all Americana falsely that they could keep their doctors and healthcare insurance, and that premiums would decrease. Why should this man be trusted again.

We have already absorbed tens of thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa,who have created pools of radical recruiting for ISIS in places such as Minnesota and Michigan,which include fundamental Muslims who refuse to assimilate and protest for use of Sharia law and for particularized rights for Muslims not available to other religious groups in public places.

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