The San Bernardino,California Terrorist Massacre—Why?

Was the massacre at the San Bernardino Regional Center a hybrid of work place violence and Islamic terrorism? What we do know is that the murders of 14 people and injury of over 20 was preplanned and carried out by devout Muslims and that the gathering at the Center was well known to the lead killer, Syed Farook,who had actually attended the conference room gathering before leaving and dressing for murder along with his wife,who both returned to the Center in masks and dark jackets to massacre their human prey. Preparations were well planned and exhibited characteristics of radical Islamic terrorism. The FBI has now defined the attack as terrorism.

Why did this brutal act take place?What was the specific motive for the attack? A number of these victims worked with Syed Farook. There is evidence that the victims included evangelical Christians and a Jewish person the latter who was recently told at a health inspection at a Christian facility by Farook that this Jewish man would “Never see Israel” and now he is dead–gunned down in the carnage. The FBI and police investigators must look at the possibility that the motive for the San Bernardino terrorist attack was a religious jihad targeting Chistians and Jews as infidels.

Already Democrats,including the President, are politicizing the shooting as a gun control matter. To the contrary the absence of an immediate armed response at the Center prevented the protection of the victims.

This act of terrorism on American soil,is the most recent attack by terrorists,and focused the spotlight on the porous nature of the administration’s intelligence and counter- terror apparatus. Any act like this one,which includes the fact pattern this one does must be categorized as ISIS inspired in today’s climate.

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1 Response to The San Bernardino,California Terrorist Massacre—Why?

  1. James says:

    Great Article – I cannot believe the American people have let our enemies infltrate through the trojan horse virus known as #obama

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