Trump’s initiative on incoming non citizen Muslims

Donald Trump has stated his inclination to shut down the borders to traveling and migrating non citizen Muslims into the US.

Why? It is no secret that radicalization into a terrorist is a process which many,if not the majority of Americans, do not spend much of their time attempting to understand. Conversely most Americans believe that Islam is a religion of peace,and fail to ever study the elements of this “religion” and understand that it differs strategically and structurally from other religions. In Islam, religion is integrated with a political side wherein mosque and state are merged. There is not a separation of mosque and state therefore Islam becomes a political movement in which a supremacist ideology and geographical domination drives the Muslim to be intolerant of other religions and rely on the Koran’s teachings to either convert or remove the person of alternate faith–the Christian, the Jew,etc.This is just the beginning of violent jihad–killing non believers,which we will discover shortly was the motivation behind the San Bernardino mass murders in California.

The exact number of Muslims in America is unknown,but is believed to be between 5 and 8 million–a fast growing mass which now has the potential to radicalize and spread. Particularly when it is estimated that about 25% of Muslims under age 30 in the US believe that suicide bombing is a legitimate action for change. Terrorist inclinations are on the increase and may be out of control.

WIth our ill fated government importing tens of thousands more Muslims from the Middle East and Africa into our country under refugee programs, Donald Trump believes it would be a wise thing to suspend allowing new Muslims to come into the US until our elected representatives assess the current potential for radicalization and terrorism in America.

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