Letter to the UK regarding their proposed ban on Donald Trump for his Muslim entry suspension plan

The UK is planning to ban Donald Trump from the UK. WHY?

Trump proposed a temporary suspension on new Muslim entries to the US. We have an Islamism problem in this country too. Yours is even greater. So what’s wrong with the British logic . Don’t you wish that you had stemmed the flow of egregious ,intolerant and religious supremacist Islamists into your country before it went beyond the point you could no longer employ normal civil obedience tools to your society’s Islamist problem?

I hope that you will wish us well in managing our own ultra-liberal policies,and Islamist pampering tolerance in the US. We are in a fight for our security,freedoms and liberties because of the virulent politico-religious plague of radical Islam.

I would urge you to welcome Trump with open arms,and listen to his bolder ideas for leadership in turbulent times.

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