America demands safety from radical Islamic terrorism now

Donald Trump proposes that entry of new Muslims coming to the US be suspended temporarily to sort out the radical threats to our internal security ,and bleeding heart liberals call him a religious bigot.

It’s time that Americans of all stripes and colors be the focus of our attention and not those from the Middle East and Africa. To describe this as religious bigotry is an appalling shortfall in judgement. This country and its government need to place those in our country in the front line of security. It’s time to place our own first when it comes to our protection.

Instead of criticizing Trump and others for their concern over America’s interests and safety every idea that offers benefits to the American people should be listened to with a sincere interest. Our founding fathers did not design our most coveted ideals of liberty and freedom to be undermined by foreign and domestic enemies. Instead the fathers had every reason to expect their progeny to use and exercise intelligence and common sense.

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