Islam–Is it a religion of peace?

Why the complaints about Islam being a religion of violence?

Just to gain a perspective, Islam still practices the exact words of the Koran and Sharia,and those who do cannot call the religion peaceful. Nonetheless those Muslims who have undertaken their own personal reformation and ignore the violence and intolerance of their religious texts in fact may practice a pathway of peace.

The problem is that many interpret the Koran,Sharia and the Hadith literally. This is where the religion,which is accurately a religio-political movement, becomes a violent,intolerant and territorial expanding supremacist ideology. The Mosque is integrated with state and tolerance and peace are no longer existent. The drive for a Caliphate is all enveloping as it is with ISIS.

On the other hand what had been problems with Christianity centuries ago were never a reflection of the New Testament texts which are based on love and forgiveness,as practiced by Jesus. What is relevant today is not so much the ancient misdeeds of those professing a Christian lie,but rather what we are confronting today which is the way of those who DO PRACTICE the literal and factual doctrine of the Islamic texts. Islam is in no way “a religion of peace”. If one lives by the violence prescribed by the literal Islamic texts, it is a religion of war.

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