Does Islam require a reformation?

ISIS recently issued a Fatwa directive that provides the criteria for raping women(refer to 12/31/2015 NYT article).
The very idea that such social conduct regulations are in place gives rise to the certainty of the clash of civilizations that we confront in the “war on Islam”. Yes,such a war exists,regardless of the outcries of CAIR and the liberals. This war and clash arises out of the literal basic texts of Islam: Quran,Sharia and the Hadiths.
Until these texts are formally rewritten to exclude such violent, intolerant and denigrating behaviors this war will continue.
What is needed is an international Muslim movement to reform these dark and dooming texts,and a recognition that Islam rejects violence and reprehensible conduct as that described above. As long as the dark demons of Islam such as embodied by ISIS and al Qaeda continue to adhere to ancient and unforgivable intolerance and supremacy, there will be a clear dichotomy between reformed Muslims on the one hand and radical extremist Islamists on the other.
We must accept as realistic that as the Muslim population increases from its approximate current level of 1.6 billion people,the Islamic problem will persist and that we must prepare to defend against infringements on our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

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