The Obama legacy

The state of the union address this year is purported to be a statement of the Obama presidential legacy. So what legacy has Obama left ?

The president has left us with a legacy of massive underemployment and debt, a severely weakened military, a deep and persistent national weakness in confronting global problems, an assured nuclear weapon in Iran within 10 years, a Middle East ripped by turmoil created by Obama and Clinton policies, terrorism and threats to America’s national security, the nightmare of Benghazi where a cowardly government failed to act and then lied in the aftermath, a corrupt IRS that targeted the political enemies of this administration, a veterans administration that has proven its lethality to the most courageous people in our nation, a Gitmo looted by the president and his far left thugs thereby liberating terror on the world, an illegal immigration and a refugee immigration fiasco which is flooded with and will flood this nation with massive costs and threats to its internal security, a national health insurance monopoly which has undermined healthcare and spurred skyrocketing premiums and deductibles leaving countless millions of Americans with severely weakened healthcare at horrific costs.

The only sensible term by which to define this president’s legacy is that of a nightmare to America. With one more year to go one can only gasp at the additional atrocities,political and economic,that are in store for the nation.

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