Letter to Congress on refugee influxes to America

Jan,21 2016

Rep Paul Ryan ( R WI)
Rep Joe Heck (R Nev)
Rep Cresent Hardy (R NV)
Senator Dean Heller (R Nev)
Rep Senator Bob Corker (R Tenn)
Senator Lamar Alexander (R Tenn)
Rep Darrell Issa (R CA)
Rep Trey Gowdy ( R SC)
Rep Trent Franks ( R AZ)
Rep Louie Gohmert ( R TX)
Rep Tom Rooney ( R WA)
Rep Lynn Westmoreland (R GA)
Senator John Mc Cain (R AZ)
Senator Marco Rubio (R Fla)
Senator Lindsey Graham (R SC)
Senator Kelly Ayotte (R NH)
Senator Harry Reid (D NV)
Senator Rand Paul ( R Ky)
Senator Ted Cruz (R Tex)
Rep Lou Barletta ( R Pa)
Senator John McCain (R AZ)

Subject: Muslim refugee importation

Dear Senators and House Representatives,

I am strongly opposed to the importation of Muslim refugees from Africa and the Middle East including Syrian Muslim refugees.

More particularly I am opposed to all noncitizen Muslims being admitted to this country except those who are cleared in a well declared government policy to deal with exceptions, including highly vetted individuals who are necessary to diplomatic, commercial, industrial and security purposes critical to the US.

These restrictions are the direct result of the following factors:

1. Excessive turmoil in Africa, the Middle East and Western Europe involving Muslim refugee flows out of Africa and the Middle East including the possibility that these outpourings include hundreds and thousands of radical Islamists with evil intentions toward the US, including radical Islamiic jihadists.

2. The proven inability/incapacity of the UN and the US government to carefully and thoroughly screen out radical Islamists entering the US for purposes of jihad, conversions to radical Islam and indoctrination/implementation of Islamic religious-political doctrine in the US which undermine the values, culture and constitutional rights of US citizens.

3. To protect America and American citizens against the intrusion of intolerant, violent and subversive doctrinal behaviors germane to radical Islam.

These restrictions on the importation of Muslims including refugees out of Africa and the Middle East should be open ended in time and rather tied specifically to success in bringing the war in the Middle East and Africa to a reasonable conclusion, the establishment of safe zones within Syria and other affected African and Middle Eastern nations for refugee populations in those countries and the defeat of radical Islamic enemies including Islamic State and al Qaeda. Once the US and its coalition members have brought regional turbulence and war to the point of conclusion, these restrictions can be lifted entirely or incrementally to meet the unfolding circumstances in Africa and the Middle East.

The GOP must use the power granted to it by the electorate to successfully achieve the necessary controls on the importation of radical persons and thought that will disrupt America and the American people and undermine national security.

Very truly yours,

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