Iranian Holocaust denier lives in ignorance

Iran supreme leader Ali Khamenei lives in a world of ignorance and blindness as he denies the existence of the Holocaust. If it were not for the terror perpetrated by Iran and its clerics we could simply ignore their blindness and deep ignorance. However this nation led by Islamic zealots and crazed maniacs have a cunning and long-range plan to dominate the world. For this reason we must take the claims of Khamenei seriously. The hatred of Israel by Iran and the clerics is also pointed in our direction as being supporters of Israel.

The appeasement of Iran by the Obama administration poses a long-term threat to America’s existence and security on the world stage. The recently completed nuclear agreement will allow this terrorist nation to arm itself in approximately 10 years or sooner with a nuclear weapon which when coupled with their ballistic missile program will enable Iran to reach America with an atomic weapon. Such a threat is a game changer on the international stage and cannot be tolerated. Something will have to be done to prevent such an event, and it will mean standing up to Iran which the current Obama administration lacks the fortitude to do. This is not to advocate going to war but rather using common sense diplomacy, forceful sanctions and deep intelligence possibly aimed at regime change. The next administration will of necessity have to crackdown on Iran and its perilous reckless course on the world scene.

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