Populist message reaches more voters in America

The November 15 edition of the National Review devotes its entire magazine to an anti-Trump attack. 22 conservatives posted separate articles in the magazine devoted to bashing The Donald for his nonconservative philosophies. By “conservative” the article points to principles rather than a vision of populism. By principles the article, or collection of articles, refers to small government, the Constitution and its freedoms and liberties. The publication brands Trump a populist. Alternatively Glenn Beck brands Trump a progressive. Beck’s branding of Trump calls up visions of George Soros who is a true left-wing Progressive. There is no comparison between Trump and Soros which causes me to vehemently disagree with Glenn Beck on this point,

But I think the important thing is to face the fact honestly that the conservative movement in this country will not win the 2016 election. The conservative movement while grounded in bed rock American values is far too narrow to capture the voters required to defeat the Democrats in 2016. Trump’s populist message, his personal strength, the fact he detests political correctness and attacks it directly. His honesty and bluntness in attacking liberal progressive policies that have been undermining this country for the past seven years under the Obama administration and his demonstrated ability and skill in dealing with a large-scale enterprise, His effectiveness in achieving significant results, His ability to amass wealth, create jobs, spur economic success and his emphasis on quality of results is exactly what this nation needs at the present time to shed the yoke of socialism and failure which is now faced by America.

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