US mosques breed Islamic law and ISIS radicals

Shiite Cleric Ayad Jamal Al Din,a former member of the Iraqi parliament, advocates for a secular state with religious freedom. Ayad makes the point that thousands of mosques including a multiplicity of mosques in America, are advocating Islamic law which will lead to Islamic state recruits and the push to implement Islamic law here in America and that this poses a serious threat to American freedom. America must wake up to what is going on in its heartland and must stand up to what is going on in our US mosques. In order to blunt this trend Americans must stand up for their patriotic aspirations and push back hard against this increasing tide of Islamic intrusion.

In another development pointed out by Pamela Geller, sharia law is being implemented in the work environment of US companies (Arlens and Cargill). Muslims are insisting on prayer rooms and prayer breaks during the day for prayer times, Some companies have granted Muslims these religious benefits. The danger of this is obvious and in cases where these religious rights have been granted,these companies are now attempting to curtail the religious right and force Muslims to accept standard work rules that apply to all employees of the company.

The thing which is not clear is why in this country do so many people feel that Muslims deserve special treatment for their religion when other religions are not granted equal rights in either private or public places I believe it is up to all of us to push back against this movement and block it before it has a chance to take root in our country. Surrender to sharia law would would be a crippling blow to freedom and liberty in this country and once it takes root would be difficult if not impossible to reverse. We must overcome the fear of being politically incorrect if we are to continue to enjoy our path to freedom and we must fight back against the intrusion of Islamic practices which are inconsistent with those freedoms even at the risk of being called Islamophobic-an accusation leveled by CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups and adherants in the US. There must be a passionate commitment by the American people to protect their constitutional rights and traditional values, or lose them.

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