Obama’s Islamization of America and the reformation of Islam

After a meeting in the White House involving Valerie Jarrett and Ben Rhodes, top advisers to Pres. Obama, Pres. Obama has committed to visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore next Wednesday which has been linked with terrorism and Muslim extremism such as gender discrimination, extreme anti-gay preaching, radical ideas and in radicalizing Muslims. The meeting was attended by Muslim representatives desiring to influence the president to visit the mosque with the intention to lessen tensions between the US public and the Muslim community as a result of radical Islamic terrorism.

This visit will follow extreme concerns by many that Muslim mosques are hotbeds for radicalization across the United States and that increased surveillance and intelligence work should be carried out and increased to selectively identify such radicalization processes in the mosques and to identify likely perpetrators of violent acts against America.

Again the president shows a tone deafness to a real problem facing America. Again he appeases Muslims and submits to the Islamic forces trying to undermine the American way of life. This gesture by the president also leads to a further judgment of the president’s sympathetic Islamic leanings in his attempts to increase the Islamization of America. As long as Obama is president the country’s efforts to identify Islamic terrorists and to confront the Muslim Brotherhood and its strategic plan to hollow out American values and destroy America from within will gain less headway in protecting the country. For this reason it is vital that Americans remain vigilant and continue to push back against the radical elements of Islam in this country and beyond. Obama and his top officials are either blind to the radical, intolerant, supremacist and violent behaviors which are condoned by and specifically called out in the Koran, Sharia law and the Hadiths or are sympathetic to these behaviors.. We need to either fight back and block the advance of radical Islam in this country or pay the high price for not doing so.

In my opinion the only thing that will allow Islam to have any chance of living in peace with other religions and cultures is for the Muslim moderates of the world to convene an International Reformation Convention to restate their religious precepts, divorce it from all political doctrines (such as the caliphate, sharia and political jihad both violent and stealth) and to remove all elements in the Koran that are, supremacist, intolerant, violent acts and which are now condoned by and made mandatory by the Islamic texts. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that any such reformation will take a major and long-term commitment by the Islamic world to reform itself to in fact make it a religion of peace instead of religion war which it is now.

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