GOP must resist left-wing political pressure in Supreme Court selection

During the last week the nation was stung by an enormous loss on the Supreme Court when Associate Justice Antonin Scalia unexpectedly died. His passing leaves a gigantic hole in the Supreme Court’s structure. Replacing Scalia will take time and consideration – a vacancy which leaves an immense vulnerability in the balance of the Court.

The President has already announced he will nominate a replacement without delay. The nomination must go to the Senate where consent by the majority is required. The Senate GOP leadership has already announced that in its opinion the selection of a replacement for Justice Scalia must be determined by the American people in the November 2016 election, so that the next president will be given the choice to make his or her own nomination.

The Democratic left is already slamming the GOP for intentionally delaying an immediate replacement for Scalia. The Democrats in this regard are riddled to the core with hypocrisy – never if the roles were reversed would the Democrats do anything different than the GOP is proposing.

The GOP must now have the resolve and determination to push back and resist all political pressure brought to bear on it to make a precipitous consent on this upcoming nomination. The Supreme Court is hanging in the balance with one-vote being the significant determiner of whether this nation will continue to be a constitutional form of government or an activist driven society where left-wing-progressive sentiment determines the legal framework within which the Republic will be governed for decades to come.

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