The Power of Donald Trump

The American people are yelling “Trump! Trump! Trump!” The GOP establishment is dead set against him, the liberal Democrats ridicule him. Nonetheless no one can stop him.

Trump never gives up. He pounds and pounds to get across is points. His ideology spans both parties as well as the independents. Therefore, Trump has crossover appeal and will expand the voter base beyond his rivals.

He refuses to reform Social Security or Medicare because America has a contract with the people which he will not violate. He is strongly critical of the Iraqi war, believes it destabilized the Middle East. He argues that 9/11 occurred on George W. Bush’s watch making him accountable for the attack. He accuses the Bush administration of knowing that WMD did not exist in Iraq at the time of the invasion. By taking these positions Trump reaches into the Democratic and independents’ domain.

People are attracted to Trump’s personal strength and indomitable will. He promises to build a wall along the southern border and to stop illegal immigration. He promises to deport 11 million illegal immigrants now in America. He promises to make Mexico pay for the wall. He promises to destroy ISIS and take their oil. He promises to stand up to China, Japan, and Mexico in trade relations until fair trade is restored and jobs are returned to the US. He promises to stand up to Putin. Trump promises to take care of our veterans who have been treated poorly. He promises to build up our military so no one in the world will want to challenge us. Trump is opposed to allowing Muslim refugees from war zones in Africa and the Middle East from entering the US until we can be assured that jihadists are not part of these refugee influxes.

These are promises the American people want to hear and they are angry and impatient for results. They want to make America great again!

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