Donald Trump and his tax disclosure

Mitt Romney has called for Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to release their tax returns for past years. Romney got hammered when releasing his own tax returns during the 2012 election cycle. Many feel that Romney’s loss to Obama in 2012 was the result of Romney’s lack of aggressively pursuing the presidency. All appearances are that Romney is trying to set up Donald Trump for a fall since Romney believes that Trump’s tax return contains a bombshell that will hurt Trump when the returns are disclosed. Romney admitted he did not know what would be revealed but suspected Trump’s returns might indicate that he is not as wealthy as he claims, has paid little taxes or he has not contributed to charities and veterans causes that he maintains he supports..

In reality Trump maintains that his tax returns are very complex and that he plans to decide in the next two months whether to release them. He implies that he could decide not to release them. The degree to which a failure to release his tax returns might harm him is undecided. His support presently is so strong in the primaries that he might be able to survive just fine without releasing them. It is less clear how he would perform in the general election although would have a strong position in a contest with Hillary Clinton by maintaining that she has failed to disclose information in her emails on her server, and been generally non-forthcoming with information regarding her tenure as Secretary of State. One thing is certain. Trump is extremely tenacious and will do what he wants. If he feels his tax returns are a tempest in a teapot he will not release them at all and may get away with it because of his strong support. Frankly, I am much more upset that Romney is interfering in the campaign then I would be if Trump refuses to release his tax returns. Romney has done enough damage by not winning an election that was his to win in 2012 with a weak performance.

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